Established in 2009, Chance Partners, LLC is a real estate development + investment company with offices in Jacksonville, Orlando and Atlanta. Since its inception, Chance has sought opportunities to capitalize on local community market trends in the Southeast and across the country with a focus on three major tenets - walkability, sustainability, and community character.

At Chance Partners, we believe that the next generation of real estate not only needs to be sustainable, but community focused. We need to move away from the social engineering experiment of sprawl that has been created over the last 60+ years which has endangered our culture. We also believe that part of the fabric of creating community starts with just one building.

The company's versatility and experience allow it to focus on a broad range of projects including acquisition and re-development of mixed-use projects, street-level retail, rental housing, and hospitality. Principals have a history of developing walkable mixed-use projects totaling more than 7,500 multifamily units and over 300,000 square feet of urban focused retail space - with an aggregate gross square footage of more than 8 million square feet. We have strong community beliefs, a local-market-driven approach, and a focus on execution.

Our mission is to Change The World...One Building At A Time. It's time to live the new American dream that is sustainable, walkable and integrated seamlessly as part of the community.


The Company develops and invests with three main tenets:


LOCAL MARKET DRIVEN APPROACH:  Chance’s philosophical belief is that the creation of value begins with community involvement and a market driven approach. This approach to real estate is based on an intense analysis of, and expertise in, local market dynamics and demographics.  That knowledge is then incorporated into every aspect of our development approach.


FOCUS ON EXECUTION:  Chance’s philosophy is based on extensive planning and an intense focus on execution – striving for perfection in every aspect of the development process.  This is accomplished through the closely coordinated teamwork of city officials, community leaders, local professionals, property management, and the Chance team.


PARTNERSHIP WITH COMMUNITIES, INVESTORS AND LENDERS:  The quality of Chance’s relationship with its partners is a vital part of the company’s future success.  Chance acquires real estate to create value for the community we are investing in, as well as value for its investors.  Every project has an ending, but the relationships with the community, investment partners and lenders will extend over many years.  The people of Chance Partners are the cornerstone of the company's success. Comprised of industry leaders in their respective field, the Chance team is results-driven and customer-focused.  It is the intent of Chance Partners to develop these projects in a manner consistent for a long-term hold.  We have three tenets.  We invest and develop:



  • In a sustainable manner,

  • As a part of the community and,

  • Utilizing a local urban character by engaging the buildings with the street and community.  


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